Transkei Horse riding

In-season horse riding can be arranged at the Kraal Back-Packers.


Nearby Attractions to visit:
Big jump falls,

6 km away , 18 meter Waterval

Kraal backpackers,

where you will find the most interesting tourists, that is if your company become less interesting.  [astor-shipwreck, jeffs-place, transkei] Die Kraal backpackers is situated at the mouth of the Mpande river, 500 meters from  Jeff’s place.

Sharks point,

wooden cottages to rent.  You will find a small private beach with breathtaking scenery. Sharks Point is also a popular fishing destination and is 3 km’s from Jeff’s place,  about 30 minutes walk... roadside and 20 minutes by car

Astor ship wreck:

15km roadside walk, about 25 minute by vehicle