Paddle up to 4km’s upstream into the Mpande river and experience the quiet tranquillity of the surroundings.



As a rule, the summer-months are inadequate for fishing. During the winter months especially [fishing-in-transkei, canoeing-transkei]  between June and September it is known to be excellent fishing time. The most common species are Bream, Garrick, Shad, Kabeljou , Sharks & Ray’s (more summer) Queenfish & Musslecracker & Galjoen.  Scavenger fish like Bonita & Barracuda can be caught from boat, jet ski or Kayak. The Mpande Rivermounth is made famous for its Grunter.

Sharks point, about 3 km by foot and 13km by road, is a very popular fishing-tourist destination in the area especially when the need arises to ‘change the scenary’.