Bikes, quads &  2 wheelers

Pack a backpack and spend a day at places like Coffee bay of Port St John’s [bikes-hiking-transkei, jeffs-place, accomodation] (approx 60km) 

For better off-road trails, one will not find better – the steep downhills provide the X in Extreme.

A network of single trails all lead to the highest mountain tops, overlooking the blue ocean lines.




The entire coastline is internationally renowned for the most beautiful hiking trails next to the coast; it encloses a landscape of green, hut-dotted hills intermingled with forested and deeply incised river valleys rolling down to a breathless beautiful coastline of precipitous cliffs, long sandy beaches, secluded bays and rich, fertile estuaries.

Although a hutted trail exists along the entire coastline, it has (for a variety of reasons) not been adequately managed and maintained over the years and very little of the original infrastructure remains. This is compounded by communication and logistic problems along this 'wild' and sparsely inhabited coastline. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to hike the Wild Coast on your own, particularly if you are a tourist and unfamiliar with the region.